Rebekah George, LMHC

This Is Coaching With Purpose.


Are you living your life on purpose? What does an “on purpose” life even look like? How do you create a life that is strategically designed for greatness? Living life on purpose, with a strategic design in mind looks different for everyone. We all have hopes, dreams, callings, and passions. It is my purpose to help you find yours! Every strategically designed life looks different, but it all starts with these things:


How I Can Help You Accomplish Your Best

My process in helping my clients can be found in the four c’s as the foundation of helping you achieve. If I can help you gain confidence, clarity, certainty, and consistency, you will be able to grow and change things for the better; areas in which you want to live a more purposeful and intentional life.

This can range from helping my clients identify negative beliefs and uprooting them to teaching my clients the power of words, the importance of affirmations, how to manifest positive things in your life through words, and I help to change the narrative from negative to positive.

It helps them identify barriers to success and demolish them to identify their strengths, and teach them to use them in new and innovative ways. This will help them to gain confidence in the relationships. Increase communication skills, productive arguing, assertiveness, healthy boundaries, co-dependent relationships, and more.

Each client is unique, so my approach is customized to where each client is. Reach out to me today so I can help get you on the path to living your best.

3 Month Package$1100/every three months
Twelve coaching sessions over three months.
Two 20 Minute Check-In Calls
Unlimited Texting/Emails

Made To Be The Best

Everyone Needs A Coach.

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What Is A Coach?

A coach helps to facilitate the development of your personal or professional objectives. As a coach, I do not provide you with the answers to your challenges or even tell you what to do. Instead, I will facilitate your growth by asking better questions and exploring your answers or solutions. I will serve as a guide while you create a plan, define outcomes, and experiments to move your thinking forward.

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