About Your Coach

Hi, all! I’m Bekah; a life coach, a therapist, a Christian, and a mom. Just a little about me: My faith is rooted firmly in the truth of the Bible and my calling is to help people find their purpose. God didn’t create us to live a lackluster life! He has a purpose for your life! Let me come alongside you to help you achieve it!

I have been where you are right now. The fact that you are here on this page tells me that you know there is more to life than this mundane, discontented and unfulfilling string of days you call life right now. I have been there! I was uncertain, lacked confidence and was convinced that I was nothing special; I did not believe that God could use me in any way. However, this was not true about me and it certainly is not true about you either! I came alive when I stepped into the purpose God has on my life, and I feel more alive everyday pursuing what He has for me. I would love to help you come alive with passion, too! I work with people to assess all areas of their lives and see where they may feel unfulfilled or unsure, and I help them to intentionally design a life that makes them excited to wake up in the morning and chase purpose! I have been in the helping field for over ten years, and I notice that a lot of people spend their lives wishing it away; they wish for the weekend, they wish for a holiday, they wish for the end of the year or to a different season of their lives. My life calling is to bring glory to God and to love and encourage others. I started shear vision coaching out of a desire to see people live in a place of wholeness; out of the desire to help people discontinue being passive about their lives and be intentional to live a way that lines up with the calling they have in their lives!

Although I am a Christian and see through this lens, I do work with people who do not share the same faith. Just know that my belief in Jesus does shape who I am to the core of my person but I am able to work with people on building an intentionally designed life without including the faith aspect if that is preferred.

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